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Al Oerter - Artist

"It was a joy finding out what capabilities lie within."
Al Oerter

Born and raised in New York City, Al’s heroes were the weight throwers of the New York Athletic Club and the abstract artists that were breaking new ground in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.


"Hard work and a goal of making it to the Olympic Games enabled me to join my throwing heroes and this same drive makes it possible for me to create unique and interesting abstract art."


Al was fascinated by placing color on white canvas and witnessing something that had never been seen before.



"Never having an athletic coach or teacher or mentor in art, everything I create comes from within."

Al Oerter



Art of the Olympians

Two years prior to his passing, Al had a vision to elevate the ancient Olympic Ideals of Body-Mind-Spirit with an art exhibition showcasing international Olympians who were also artists. The dream grew with the spirit of these talented athletes continuing with successful shows in New York City. It was evident the world was ready for the value of Olympism to permeate society once again. pupuippp[url=http://www.poppes.co.uk/]popubh[/url]
Those ideals of being at one’s best, hard work, fair play and the importance of creative experience through all the arts led Al and his team of devoted friends to open a Center of Excellence teaching our children the importance of integrity and high ideology through art and sport.
Art of the Olympians is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity headquartered in Ft. Myers, FL . We continue to follow Al’s dream and plan to open in the historic riverfront district by early 2010 and need your help. Please consider contributing to Al’s modern-day arena that will be a home to physical, educational and artistic excellence. To ensure the gallery/museum/educational center is of Olympic quality, the cost for renovations is $1.89 million.

We thank you for helping with a legacy that Al believed in and worked his last years in forming. What better way to honor the man and his Olympic friends in helping the world produce its best citizens once more.

Please go to www.artoftheolympians.com for more information on this exciting and unique plan paralleling art and sport as the ancient Greeks intended. Any donation will make certain our children understand the importance of being at your best in all life’s possibilities, just like Al Oerter and the countless Olympians who continue to strive for excellence.



You can make a donation to Art of the Olympians Foundation in memory of Al Oerter here

Al generously gave of his time to promote the arts













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